Healthy Meaningful Living

Sept 4 (47)

I have a  desire to live a healthy life.  Over the years I’ve come across many valuable resources that have played a significant role in my own emotional and physical health, which has lead me to the desire to create a place to share meaningful resources with others. This blog’s purpose is to share helpful information and thoughts and ideas that will educate, inform, empower, and motive. And for me, the creation of this group is fulfilling a portion of a personal dream of mine to create an organization to empower others, specifically women, to find more meaning and purpose in their lives. I personally believe that the pathway to a Healthy Life isn’t about counting calories. Living a healthy life is lifestyle, not a fad, and it most defiantly involves more than just our physical health, it also involves our emotional health. But so often we get so caught up in our weight management or what to eat or not to eat that we don’t give enough attention to our emotional health, not realizing that our emotional well being is heavily influencing our physical health. My own personal mission statement is “Awaken Potential”. My desire is to keep myself awake to the potential that is within me and to awaken others to the potential within them. To me, being awake to your potential is a very significant part of Living a Healthy Meaningful Life. When we awaken ourselves to our potential, we live life with purpose and with meaning. Living a Healthy Meaningful Life is so much more than just having a healthy body, it’s living life with intention.