Proactive Meaningful Living

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Alzheimer’s to me has always felt like building your home on top of a fault wondering when and if an earthquake is going to hit and destroy your home. You gotta build your house somewhere, and you either risk earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, or volcanos. And like Alzheimer’s, you just have to take your chances and hope that the cards are stacked in your favor. The fear of Alzheimer’s is one of the reasons many people don’t want to live a long life. I have even worried about the type of deodorant I use because I’ve heard it said that the aluminum in deodorant contributes to Alzheimer’s.

But maybe my thinking is wrong. Maybe I do have some power and control over my ability to avoid Alzheimer’s. Maybe even I won the genetic lottery for getting Alzheimer’s I don’t have to sit in fear waiting anxiously for the inventable time bomb to explode. Science suggests that it is possible to detonate the bomb.

Living a meaningful life is about being proactive and investing in your mental health to ensure that the quality of your life will continue to grow with the quantity of your life.

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