Questions about Conflicting Beliefs

Can you love someone when their beliefs conflict with yours without compromising your beliefs? Do you ever have to choose between a relationship or your beliefs? If you sever a relationship because of your beliefs it seems that that would lack virtue and love. But if you were to sever your beliefs to hold onto a relationship that seems to lack integrity.

Can differing views coexist within a relationship in a way that allows the relationship to thrive in a healthy way while also respecting the differing beliefs?

Is it possible to create a space that honors and respects views and beliefs when they contradict? Is it possible to honor both, or in the act of honoring and showing respect to one’s beliefs do you violate the beliefs of another?

By supporting someone in their actions and beliefs that contradict your own, are you endorsing that belief? Are you compromising your beliefs by making the wedding cake? Are you being a jerk if you don’t?