Being a peacemaker is not about taking a neutral position. Being a peacemaker isn’t about avoiding conflict.

When there is injustice and oppression, sitting back and avoiding violence and contention believing that you being “Christian,” is allowing oppression and injustice to grow.

There is moral courage in confronting oppression. Avoiding confronting injustice is moral cowardliness. A peacemaker is one who is willing to struggle for peace, willing to do something when peace has been destroyed, willing to be act so that peace can be restored. Peace does not just typically happen by passively doing nothing. The very word peaceMAKER implies that one must make peace, they must be proactive.

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife said, “If we make love the norm we cheapen it.” That is, love is not the “natural” response, it’s not the typical human “natural man” way to respond. Like love, responding as a peacemaker is not a natural response. If we make the peacemaker the norm we cheapen it. The natural way to respond to injustice is to fight back or to turn a blind eye. The peacemaker fights injustice without using evil and is invested in peace without becoming passive and weak.

The individual enduring an abusive situation is often called a good Christian who has a good heart full of love and compassion. We often mistake the act of doing nothing for compassion, love, tolerance, and patience. How dangerous it is to suggest that being passive and doing nothing to confront injustice, especially while there is an abuser tyrannically reigning over them, is Christlike. Love, compassion, tolerance, and patience is needed to create peace; but passivity is not.

August 28, 2019

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