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My name is Sherrae Phelps. I am a writer and a blogger. The main focus of my writing is to create meaningful conversations about the Christian Doormat Lifestyle and Developing a Strong Sense of Self and how to two relate.

There are truths that have been twisted that teach and encourage Christians to become doormats, leading them to believe that they are being righteous, good, and noble in doing so.  And allowing these incomplete truths to govern your life limits your growth, potential, and power to do good by keeping you weak. The casual Christian can be easily blinded by some of these distorted ideas, for these watered-down ideas bleed into truth like watercolors on paper making it hard to detect the one from the other.

It may feel like choosing to be a “good Christian” is accepting the inevitable tragic fate of being a doormat. I strongly disagree.

To be able to act with patience, meekness, and forgiveness the way that the Christ displayed during His mortal ministry, requires the development of a strong, solid, mature sense of self.

Developing a strong sense of self will make you free. It frees you from the destructive vice of depending on outside sources to validate your sense of worth and mattering. It frees you from the damaging habit of using outside sources to manage your legitimacy. It frees you from being dependent on others and outside sources like jobs, titles, awards, achievements to feel important, loved, needed, valued, and accepted. And developing a strong sense of self enables you to act with high moral integrity. Your capacity to act with integrity even under intense pressure will be greatly increased with the development of your self.